Pagcor and the Yummy Burgers

Pagcor, despite former Chairman Efraim Genuino’s boastful remarks on ANC’s Karen Davila, about his achievements and clean leadership in the country’s second largest revenue contributor, has in a short span of time become the country’s most controversial GOCC, tinted with massive counts of corruption issues under Chairman Genuino.

The very recent one, aside from the millions of pesos it transfered to Bida Foundation, of which the Chairman’s daughter has turned out to be its nominee for a partylist representation in Congress, and the PHP26M it contributed to the movie Baler which was produced by the Chairman’s son  and losing Makati Mayoralty bet Erwin Genuino, is the Butch Francisco reimbursement of the yummy PHP21.1M worth of Hamburgers and Chicken it bought from fastfood chain giant McDonalds in the 8 days that it fed the PNP-NCR men who were pressed for crowd control duties at recent unspecified public events.

 Based on 28 receipts issued by McDonald’s, former Pagcor chairman Efraim Genuino, ordered food on eight separate days – January 15, March 11, April 5, April 14, May 4, May 12, May 13 and June 3. No wonder there’s an unprecedented case of vanishing  hamburgers and fried chicken meals at McDonalds on those dates.

Former Pagcor Chairman Efraim Genuino

On one hand, there is a circulating rumor which Chairman Genuino dismissed as irrelevant: supporters of his son Erwin have reportedly launched a boycott against McDonald’s saying, “Sawang-sawa na kami sa McDo. Noong panahon ng kampanya wala nang pinakain sa ‘min kundi McDo!”, hahaha. I believe this answers the suspicion that it was not only the policemen who benefited from this beefy purchase, but other parties as well. You figure out who. given the background of the former Chair of the country’s gambling firm, of making the business a merry go round family affair, by patronizing his own children in the benefits that Pagcor is giving away, even a cigarette vendor from Quiapo, will agree with me if I say, it is likely that Pagcor, sponsored the campaign of Erwin Genuino.

Undoubtedly, Pagcor, being the country’s gold pot, needs a thorough clean up, to start from the big people running it. It should start by getting rid of the ill agents implanted by Malacanang’s previous administration. It will take a leader with a good heart, to run an agency which have become more than a case of a “highway robbery inside a palace of gold”.

Before Pagcor’s favorite jingle becomes,” pa-pa-ra-pa-pa . . . love ko to”, . . . . .  let the new administration do something by doing the right thing and let those who have done wrong, be persecuted.


2 Responses to “Pagcor and the Yummy Burgers”

  1. July 22, 2010 at 9:15 am

    yeah right, i was actually a beneficiary of those burgers. Makati kids were brought to the PAGCOR Theatre to watch WANDERS, I was there too and was given 2 burger mc do’s.. I am guilty to have been part of the 21M Mc do – PAGCOR scandal, hehehehe…

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