The Battle for Senate Presidency: Is it going to be Pangilinan? Villar? . . . or Enrile?

As July 26 draws near, the country’s politicians in the Upper Chamber become more and more restless, on how they cradle their race towards the Senate Presidency. 

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

New developments arise daily as our Senators change their minds, like they change their clothes. Surprisingly, aside from contenders Kiko Pangilinan and Manny Villar, come the name of Johnny Enrile, who, given the scenario is true, will most likely, to retain his position. By law,  thirteen votes are needed in order to win the Senate’s highest ranking position.

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

According to Enrile, supporters of Pangilinan, whom he refused to name, met with him last Tuesday and expressed their intention to support him since Pangilinan is unlikely to get his 13 votes in order to snatch the top post. I don’t know who among Drilon, Recto, Guingona, Osmena, Escudero and Trillanes (in prison), were he referring to, and reportedly assured him that they could muster the 13 votes for him.

Sen. Manny Villar

Also, there was late indication that the seven-member independent bloc of Senator Angara is now sympathetic to Enrile. They are composed of Zubiri, Revilla, Lapid, Honasan, Sotto, Legarda and Angara himself. Although I have doubts with Senator Legarda to vote for Enrile, because of her “pinagsamahan”, with Manny Villar, during the last election, of which they both lost, I am certain of Senators Sotto, Revilla, Honasan and to include, Estrada and mostly likely Senators Arroyo and Marcos, to vote for Enrile, plus Enrile himself. That makes the vote count up to 11, in favor of JPE. Now, the big question is, who among Pangilinan and Villar’s allies, will complete the missing 2 votes? Will the race end up in favor of the reluctant 86 year old Senator, who said, the job is tiring and time consuming? Or Pangilinan will make his way to win? Or Villar? Who among them, will rise to become the third, in line of succession for the presidency, behind the Vice President and in front of the Speaker of the House of Representatives? We will all find out, come Monday.


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