Crimes and Criminalities in the Philippine Present Times

The Philippines today is bombarded with a soaring number of heinous and unimaginable crimes. Perpetrators are almost everywhere and fearless. Day by day, the news is filled with police matters and reports of lawlessness. In some instances, the very members of the police forces are the ones involved or reported to be committing the crimes. Is it that the Philippines today is a no safe place to stay? Is it true, that Filipinos are now less protected and helpless? This is a sad truth and if it continues to grow and remain unattended, it is likely that we will see our country go down in the future.

Matters like kidnapping, carnapping, hostage taking, robbery, rape, drugs, massacres, murders and police brutality, abuses and involvements in crimes are the very and most prominent forms of lawlessness that greet us these days. The recent and most alarming one is the kidnapping, robbery, shooting and burning of the 2 Manila car dealers  Venson Evangelista, Emerson Lozano and Lozano’s employee Ernani Sencil, along with a few other similar instances of the same nature of a crime committed. Young and productive lives are being cut off and destroyed. With their deaths, young children, fathers, wives and siblings are left in sorrow and grief. They were stripped off of a son, a  brother, a father and a husband. Undeniably, the Philippines ratio of crimes has gone from bad to worst. These criminals imply to make a statement about the Philippines. Is this the new image we want our country to be portrayed worldwide? If our government and people will continue to be less aggressive, then we allow our country’s good name to be eaten up by these criminals and their crimes.

Let us go back to the Philippine National Police, at this point in time we turn to the few good ones left, to depend on them on these very difficult situation. I am glad that new and fast developments are coming up with regard to the Lozano-Evangelista-Sencil killings. We need and we give support to our brave PNP men to find out who are the real perpeprators here. We see the Dominguez Group, Bonifacio Group, Madrigal Carnapping Group, Herrera Carnap Group and Bundol Gang, all based in Luzon, to be the culprits. However, basing on the gravity of the crime, the question whether what had happened was a carnap case or a murder case arises. But whatever it is, there is one thing real, there is lawlessness hapenning.

Now the question whether to reimpose death penalty or not comes out. Our very top leaders themselves have an opposing views. As if no one have put his mind to seriously think about it. Whether it is seasonal or not, I only know one thing, it is the government’s primary duty to defend its people from all forms of danger. Sometimes, I would like to think, that one of President Cory’s mistakes was abolishing the capital punishment. Whether Noy’s opinion is in consonance with his late mother’s stand or not, I hope he will make the decision based on the present time’s needs and demands. Mr. President, we did not imagine in our wildest dreams, that the promise towards the straight path (Tuwid na Landas), that you assured us, is this hard and burdensome. We thank you for your fight against corruption, but how about our fight against crimes? Mr. President, what good can an honest and straight forward government do, if the road towards it, has a stop over in hell? We continue to give you our trust and faith and with it, we also ask you to be more firm and strong in your decisions.

Good luck to the Philippines, good luck to the Filipinos.


1 Response to “Crimes and Criminalities in the Philippine Present Times”

  1. April 5, 2011 at 7:47 am

    I sometimes get fearful every time I go to unfamiliar places here in the Philippines. It is maybe because I see negative news on television such as crimes and deaths most of the time. I just don’t why this perpetrators gets so relentlessly fearless. They are able to do inhumane act just to get money and be rich as an end. The reason I think why they act in such manner is that the law in the country does not penalize them to the extent that they will be afraid to do the same thing again. I’m a pro-life citizen but the idea of putting back death penalty again keeps on popping in my mind. The reason why came up to such idea is because I have observed that crime rate increased and worsen after death penalty was lifted and changed to life sentence. I’m also very disappointed of how our dear president acts on such matters. It is as if he doesn’t hear or see anything. He focuses his attention to things which are not of immediate need. Justice system should really be fixed up and laws with fangs that will be feared by criminals must be promulgated in order to solve this problem of ours.

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