In Gratitude to: Mrs. Remedios P. Bantug

Mrs. Remedios P. Bantug

Idiong Bantug in the town of Victorias is a symbol of generosity and great love. A matriarch in the truest sense of the word. She is loved by all. Every head bows to her in respect. An image of great power yet  humble in heart. A mother to everyone. She had touched many lives with her caring compassion and sincere concern for the welfare of others. She spent her life doing every good to everyone. A model and an icon. Her genuine passion to help and care for her less fortunate brethren is always transformed into action not just words and expressions. She is known for her involvement in social and civic activities even at an advanced age. She did not recognize boundaries and limits to be able to help the needy. Her people loved her so dearly.

Born from an aristocratic root, her grandfather donated the land where the town of Victorias stands today, Mrs. Bantug lived a life dedicated to public service both in and out of politics. She was Mayor for 3 years when she was 82 years old – – a record holding achievement. Her name is associated with the many charitable projects she had initiated. A very unique and admirable persona. A dear one to many who knew her.

With grandson Cong. Albee Benitez, brother Mayor Severo Palanca and former Mayor Remedios Bantug

With a grateful heart: Thank you and farewell Mrs. Bantug


You were a wonderful woman, a blessing to all

symbol of generosity, kindness and inspiration.

You are loved by all, young and old, rich or poor

A dearly respected by one and all


Your smile was magic, your ears heard every cry

Your wisdom and wit touched our soul

Helping others was constant to you

Making people’s lives improved by you


You spent a lifetime of dedication and service

You offered yourself to family and neighbors

The love you have taught us is treasured forever

In our hearts you will live eternal


A religious woman, so caring and gentle

always there to extend a helping hand to others.

In thousands many other ways,

you have touched our lives so greatly


Now that you are gone, our hearts mourn so deeply

But never the less we are happy

For the woman we love is home finally

To be reunited with our Lord Almighty.


Many things have been said, good things about you

Allow me these simple words that come from my heart directly

For the things that you have done and words that you said

For touching our lives and the love you have shared


With grateful heart I say to you

You will never be forgotten,

your memories will live

For you have a special place in me


Thank you Lola Idiong, and Farewell. . . .


1 Response to “In Gratitude to: Mrs. Remedios P. Bantug”

  1. October 28, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Let me share a few stories about my experiences with our dearly beloved Lola Idiong:

    As a young boy, I remember going to her, as she is a relative, to ask for free movie tickets to watch in the movie house that she owned. Right from her office table, she stood up, went to the movie house next door, and accompanied me to her movie house manager to tell him that from now on this boy comes to watch at VIC Theater for free. I was 9 then. I thought that was very sweet and kind of her.

    In 1993, when I ran for Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) of Victorias, I went to her late in the evening around 10PM to ask her if I can bring my colleagues to her fishpond to spend a few nights while we were planning for our strategies to win my election. She woke up her sleeping servants, ask everyone to open her fishpond and prepare our needs. I remember her going to her own pantry cabinet and packed every canned goods that she can find and gave it to us to bring. I thought that was sweet and kind of her.

    In 1995, when I was Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) President, she helped me find projects for the youth from her connections abroad. When the operation smile Negros came, we were able to find donors for musical instruments and skating and other sports equipment from Utah, through her help.

    At the same year, as President of the Plaza Development Authority, she gave us a spot in the Public Plaza where the SK Pavillon for the youth stands today.

    In 2000, I went to New York and she happened to be there also, she invited me to dinner out in a Chinese Restaurant, together with her siblings Lola Marit Corona, Lola Inday Alonte and Lola Chayong Palanca.

    In 2004, until I graduated from my second course in 2007, Lola Idiong helped my sister Maricar pay for my tuition in the nursing school. Her deep concern and love for me was really felt.

    For almost all of my major undertakings, I would always go to her to seek advice and she would always be there for me. Our talks would last for hours and I always go home enlightened. She was my mentor.

    Those were just a few of my personal experiences with this great person. But more than those, she even did bigger things with greater impacts to many people.

    Lola Idiong, I would like to thank you for the many beautiful things that you have done to me. A lot of things that you have told me has changed me for the better. I will always treasure my precious moments with you and your teachings will always remain fresh in my mind and heart. I will grow old with sweet memories of you and with grateful heart, I will honor you.

    I know that your time had come to leave us and it brings me sadness. But I am happy knowing that you are finally home with our Creator. You are in a better place now. Til we meet again. Rest well.

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