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Crimes and Criminalities in the Philippine Present Times

The Philippines today is bombarded with a soaring number of heinous and unimaginable crimes. Perpetrators are almost everywhere and fearless. Day by day, the news is filled with police matters and reports of lawlessness. In some instances, the very members of the police forces are the ones involved or reported to be committing the crimes. Is it that the Philippines today is a no safe place to stay? Is it true, that Filipinos are now less protected and helpless? This is a sad truth and if it continues to grow and remain unattended, it is likely that we will see our country go down in the future.

Matters like kidnapping, carnapping, hostage taking, robbery, rape, drugs, massacres, murders and police brutality, abuses and involvements in crimes are the very and most prominent forms of lawlessness that greet us these days. The recent and most alarming one is the kidnapping, robbery, shooting and burning of the 2 Manila car dealers  Venson Evangelista, Emerson Lozano and Lozano’s employee Ernani Sencil, along with a few other similar instances of the same nature of a crime committed. Young and productive lives are being cut off and destroyed. With their deaths, young children, fathers, wives and siblings are left in sorrow and grief. They were stripped off of a son, a  brother, a father and a husband. Undeniably, the Philippines ratio of crimes has gone from bad to worst. These criminals imply to make a statement about the Philippines. Is this the new image we want our country to be portrayed worldwide? If our government and people will continue to be less aggressive, then we allow our country’s good name to be eaten up by these criminals and their crimes.

Let us go back to the Philippine National Police, at this point in time we turn to the few good ones left, to depend on them on these very difficult situation. I am glad that new and fast developments are coming up with regard to the Lozano-Evangelista-Sencil killings. We need and we give support to our brave PNP men to find out who are the real perpeprators here. We see the Dominguez Group, Bonifacio Group, Madrigal Carnapping Group, Herrera Carnap Group and Bundol Gang, all based in Luzon, to be the culprits. However, basing on the gravity of the crime, the question whether what had happened was a carnap case or a murder case arises. But whatever it is, there is one thing real, there is lawlessness hapenning.

Now the question whether to reimpose death penalty or not comes out. Our very top leaders themselves have an opposing views. As if no one have put his mind to seriously think about it. Whether it is seasonal or not, I only know one thing, it is the government’s primary duty to defend its people from all forms of danger. Sometimes, I would like to think, that one of President Cory’s mistakes was abolishing the capital punishment. Whether Noy’s opinion is in consonance with his late mother’s stand or not, I hope he will make the decision based on the present time’s needs and demands. Mr. President, we did not imagine in our wildest dreams, that the promise towards the straight path (Tuwid na Landas), that you assured us, is this hard and burdensome. We thank you for your fight against corruption, but how about our fight against crimes? Mr. President, what good can an honest and straight forward government do, if the road towards it, has a stop over in hell? We continue to give you our trust and faith and with it, we also ask you to be more firm and strong in your decisions.

Good luck to the Philippines, good luck to the Filipinos.


P-Noy’s Speech on Mom’s 1st. Anniversary of Death

P-Noy giving his message on the occassion of his Mom's 1st Death Anniversary

August 1,2010

A year ago today many of you shared our grief when our mother passed away.
The days we spent here in Lasalle were marked with sadness. What gave us the strength to endure it was the love and sympathy from you our dear friends, who joined us in bidding our mother good bye one last time.

Her long struggle against cancer was over, and with it, I thought, the hope that she embodied for our country. What we did not expect was that in the coming days, our feeling of loss would reverberate throughout the nation.

We all witnessed it together, long queues of mourners, enduring the heat and occassional rains outside this campus, folks travelling from other provinces and sleeping on flattened cardboard boxes. People from all walks of life coming in droves for 5 days; in La Salle, Ayala Avenue, Manila Cathedral and in the 9 hour procession to the Manila Memorial Park.

That true expression of love for our mother soon evolved into renewed hope for our long, suffering nation. It is still quite difficult to grasp, how one person’s death could have such a huge impact in our nation in such a short time. However, Cory Aquino was one extraordinary woman, who, in so many milestones in her life, had already made the impossible possible.

Napakarami pong nangyari sa loob lamang ng isang taon. Ang pagpanaw ng ina namin ang syang nagtulak sa maraming taong pilitin at hamunin ako na tumakbo bilang pangulo.

Sa pagbababang luksa natin, sa tulong ng Maykapal at sa balikat ng taumbayan, ako po ay narito bilang inyong pangulo. For those who came before us ang taught us, by words and deeds, how to love, live and believe, it is our duty to bear that torch forward. Tinanggap ko ang hamon alang-alang sa ipinaglaban ng aking magulang. Ipagpapatuloy ko ito sa tulong ninyo.

The clamor of our people for change is so deep and so widely expressed that none of us can afford to be by standers. each of us has a duty to fulfill our social contract with the Filipino people by putting the interest of others before ourselves. We can only end poverty if we fight corruption, and this is where everyone has a major role to play. It could be done in simple ways, by showing common courtesy to strangers, by paying taxes, by following traffic rules and by disposing of our waste properly. I will soon be living by the Pasig river, which used to be a major thoroughfare; its degredation will serve as a daily reminder to me of how careless we can be about our environment. This too is a form of corruption.

Does it take that much to stop our neighbors from destroying these resources we could do even more, by reporting any wrongdoing that might be brought to our attention. Let us challenge ourselves and our leaders to brave the straight path. Naumpisahan na natin sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay ng mga wangwang at pagpigil sa mga naghahari-harian sa daan.

Sana naman po, sa ilan pang pagkakataon ay susunod pa rin kayo at itutuloy ang maganda nating nasimulan. Paalala lang po, hindi madali ang ating trabaho, sapagkat may ilan na pinaglalaban pa rin ang nakagisnan nilang mali, subalit hindi ko pababayaan ang tiwalang ipinagkaloob ninyo at ang pagkakataon na isulong ang makabuluhang pagbabago.

I have already laid out some of our plans in our state of the nation address. From public-private partnerships, to the laws that we need to pass. There is real and growing interest from various sectors in our efforts to rebuild and to expand. The challenge is to convince those who would want to support us that we are fair, just and sincere in our intentions to help our country. We can do this if we live our lives trying to emulate Cory Aquino’s example in our service to our people and our countrymen.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped us to where we are now, and are still with us in the more difficult part of the journey towards change. You do make it easier for us, to overcome the hardships that we face each day, may your numbers increase as your efforts persist.

Nung pumanaw po ang ating ina, nag-umpisa sa kadiliman, napunta sa liwanag. Lahat ay muling umasa at nangarap. Ngayon isang taon na pagkatapos po noon, minumungkahi ko po, tara na po sa tunay na katarungan.

Tara na po sa ganap na kaayusan at kaunlaran.

Tara na po sa kasaganaan para sa lahat.

Tara na po, sa tuwid na landas.

Tara na po sa kaganapan ng pinangarap nina Ninoy at Cory.


Remembering Cory

President Corazon C. Aquino

18 years after stepping down as the 11th President of the Philippines, Cory Aquino is mostly remembered by the millions of first time voters as the President of the Philippines, Icon of Democracy and symbol of EDSA Revolution. But there is more than that to remember. Cory Aquino’s true essence, is indeed the person that she was. Cory is defined by her good heart. Accustomed to a life of wealth, privelege and power, Cory chose to live simple and unassuming. A trait most of those born under similar circumstances would not take. She is truly legendary. Very rare, and many believed to be handpicked by God, to lead and serve her country.
Patriotic and principled, a soft spoken, self declared housewife, rose to power as the country’s first woman president, following victory in a snap election in 1986, which toppled the dictatorship of then President Marcos. However, she ascended to the presidency perse, by virtue of the direct action by the people through EDSA Revolution, and thereby restored democracy. She eventually survived 7 coup attempts.
If she opted, since she was installed by people power revolution, she could have run for a second term in 1992. Because by technical reasons, she was not bound by the prohibition for reelection contained in the 1987 Constitution. While her running would not have violated the rule of law, she knew that it will be against the principle of democracy that she fought for, and the spirit of the essence of the document she had asked the people to ratify.

The casket bearing the remains of President cory is guarded by men of the AFP

Indeed, President Cory will be remembered best among presidents, not because of her economic wizardry, or legal mastery, or political brilliance, but because of the “beautiful person” that she was. She set an example to every Filipino, by the way she lived and survived every challenged. From giving up her wealth for Ninoy’s campaigns, to being a prisoner’s wife with 5 growing kids in their formative years, to getting exiled in Boston, to becoming the president and until the time she got sick, remained active to the cause of defending democracy and all threats against it. I see no time, when she gave herself a break and dedicated something for her own personal joy. If painting is what it was, then it took place after she was through with her public life. after she had given her best to serve the Filipino people.

Filipinos crowd a street to pay their last respects to the late Philippines President Corazon Aquino during her funeral march in Aug. 5, 2009

Following her death, the people suddenly realized the loss of an important icon and inspiration to the nation. A mother to every Filipino, Cory was honored by a grieving nation. Despite the absence of a state funeral, the Filipino people bestowed on her a salutation she was worthy of. Once more the power of yellow was all over. Her 5 children were joined by millions in prayers and mourning. On the other hand, her demise brought the spirit to life. The grieving nation turned itself into a nation ready to face the future. A nation inspired by a beloved icon of democracy. Soon later, the call for her son to run for presidency became inevitible.

Today, we have Cory’s only son Noy-noy as our President. A son of a family, who have sacrificed so much for this country, for the sake of the Filipino people. He is our hope, the hope that shines in everyone of us. The time has come for everyone to unite and give their best to rebuild this nation.

One of the last few pictures of Pres. Cory

Cory’s life and death is like a seed, dropped in the ground. It must now be planted and nurtured along with what she has stood for, and left behind.

Salamat Cory.


SONA: Shallow and Dry yet, Straight to the point like hitting Bullets

President Benigno S. C. Aquino

Admittedly I say, my expectations were more than what I actually heard yesterday, when President Benigno S.C. Aquino, gave his 1st State of the Nation Address before the members of the 15th Congress of the Philippines. On the other hand, let me remind myself and everyone who gets to read this, that no one, including the president himself,  who has only been in office for less than 4 weeks, will be able to incorporate everything that one, would want to do while in office, in a single speech of 40 minutes.

P-Noy delivering his first SONA

I believe, more than most concerns, P-Noy should have given more teeth,  on what this nation needs the most at this point in time, which is cleansing and rehabilitation, from the remnants of the past administration. The Filipino people should be freed from their sufferings brought about by the result of the previous administration’s failure to provide genuine service to the people. More than anything else, we rely on the leadership of President Noynoy Aquino, to bring about the change that this country desperately needs today, and his strong and straight forward assurance is mostly required.  For only, when we see people who have done wrong, get imprisoned, for what they have done during their incumbency, then we can say, we have justice, and so we can move on.

P-Noy with Mom Cory

Also, the President’s remarks on the supposed public-private partnership and the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) schemes that he said he wants to implement seems questionable. Its an old trick that all started during the time of President Fidel Ramos. Its a very sensitive issue because this is often subjected to the threat of having abusive and profit oriented investors running the partnership worse, it goes to the hands of the wrong people,whose sole objective is to enrich themselves at the expense of the general public.

Also, he missed to mention the plight of our Overseas Filipino Workers, and his less emphasis on Health and Education.

It also is a worry, for the President to say, many investors, both local and International have approached him and are willing to do business in the Philippnes. As a president, you should not deal regarding business investments. This is often misinterpreted and will surely subject you to criticism. The fear of “Lagay”, becomes an open threat.

P-Noy's Dad, Ninoy

Nevertheless, I salute him for covering the most major issues, concerning his government, like the prosecution of the extralegal killings, the creation of the Truth Commission, Peace process in Mindanao, job creation through industrialization, DTI to shorten requirements for registering businesses. For uncovering the nation’s real situation from the hands of the previous Adminidtration (Budget Deficit, MWSS greediness, 480M Infra, NAPOCOR, MRT, NFA, etc.), and the steps he is taking to solve them. And also, his legislative agenda like, the Fiscal Responsibilty Law, Procurement Law, Anti Trust Law, National Land Use Law, National Defense Act, and the WhistleBlower’s Act, among others.

In general, I found P-Noy’s SONA to be shallow, and kinda dry. Not very inspiring and less visionary, but boy, he spoke so much like his Dad. Very clear, fast and straight to the point, like hitting bullets. Anyway, I will still bet a kidney for Noy. Good luck P-Noy. I still trust you.

My standpoint

Mabuhay Pinoy

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