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Why did COMELEC allow Mikey Arroyo to represent Security Guards and Cab Drivers?

It is almost uncomprehendable, to think that former Pampanga Congressman and Presidential son Mikey Arroyo, being the first nominee of the partylist “Ang Galing Pinoy”, will represent a sector, he himself have never been one.

 However the Commission on Elections En Banc, acting on the petition for reconsideration, in session assembled, ruled by a votes of 4 against 2 with 1 abstention, to uphold the May 7, 2010’s Comelec 2nd Division ruling to dismiss the disqualification case filed by Partylist representatives Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, on the basis of the party list law which says, that the nominee/s should be a member of the partylist concerned and need not be coming from the marginalized sector it intends to represent.

On the contrary, the Comelec itself, being one of the three constitutional commissions of the Philippines whose principal role is to enforce all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of elections, initiatives, referendums, and recalls, in its Resolution Number 8807, dated March 25, 2010, specifically,item 7, section 6, states that a partylist nominee should be; one who belongs to the marginalized and underrepresented sector/s, the sectoral party, organization, political party or coalition he seeks to represent .

When you say marginalized sector, in this case means, that Mikey Arroyo must not only be a member of the Ang Galing Pinoy Partylist, but also, a Security Guard, or Taxi Driver himself. I did not know of any seating Congressman, who at the same time is a Security Guard or a Taxi Driver, moreso, a Presidential son.

In simplest terms possible, common sense will tell you, how can one represent a sector, he himself have never been one? A way too far from his personality and background. It is just not right. And so awkward. What will he do there? Well, latest rumors say Mikey has already drafted his first bill: “An Act Penalizing the Violators of the ‘No ID, No Entry’ Policy”, hahaha.

Is this political greed? Shamelessness? Or abusive move? Iwould say, all of the above. But let me remind Mr. Arroyo, who, to me, is truly his mother’s son, that this is not what things are now. Bygone is the era where the government is deaf on the sufferings of the people. Bygone is the era, where the government is ruled by leaders whose personal interest come first before that of its people. We are now in a new era, an era full of hope, an era that is dedicated to serve the best interest of the people . Its time to change and change has started.

Congressman Mikey Arroyo

I hope, since it is now up to the Supreme Court to decide and give its final say, that it will apply the principle of common sense, more than the two complicated contradicting rules of the partylist law and the comelec resolution.


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