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Hail to Executive Order Number 7

Finally, on September 8, P-Noy put a temporary halt to what have been the simplest form of social injustice and typical display of the absence of integrity on the part of GOCC and GFI officials who have, for many years, enriched themselves with fat bonuses and excessive perks. Millions of government funds are spent each year to pay these shameless conscienseless officials whose primary qualification to get the job is to be an ally of the President – the appointing authority. Of course at the expense of the Filipino people, who else? While an ordinary government employee, who goes to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, gets an average pay of say PHP 150,000 per year, these officials, who only attend board meetings twice a month, get as much as PHP 6 million a year. Isn’t it shameful? This is on top of having to belong to a country where 4 million Filipinos barely eat 3 times a day and 3,000 others go out of the country everyday due to poverty.

All in all, more than a hundred GOCC’s were found to be enjoying these fat bonuses including 14 losing government corporations. All it takes, is a board resolution granting themselves such bonuses and whola! It’s in the pocket. Worse, in the case of SSS, their own board members are sent to represent SSS to other boards where SSS have an investment like the Union Bank, in no time, they found themselves swimming in cash from the perks and other hefty compensations including profit sharing and other benefits.

President Benigno S.C. Aquino, III

No matter how these officials try to justify these pays using different excuses and alibis, no amount of explanation will elucidate the act. It is clearly a manifestation of abuse of power, selfishness and corrupt practice. This should be prohibited and if possible brought to court to make these officials answerable for their deeds.

This just got to stop, the Filipino people can no longer stand to tolerate such abuses, not now, not later, not ever again. Despite, the president’s shortcomings on the recent hostage crisis, which I truly believe to have affected our trust ratings on him, including mine, Im still glad we have one Noynoy Aquino, leading us and doing this. I still trust he will continue to do what is right and what is just for every Filipino.

Malacanan Palace by the Pasig River

The suspension until December 31, 2010, per Executive Order #7, of the granting of allowances, bonuses, incentives, and other perks to members of the board of directors/trustees of GOCCs and GFIs, except for reasonable per diems, pending the issuance of new policies and guidelines on the compensation of these board members is a good start. Their benefits need to be regulated accordingly. While it is true that they protect billions worth of assets of these GOCC’s, the many millions they ask these corporations to pay them is quite too much, exorbitant and way overboard. And eventually resulted into a selfish act of corruption in its own way- mindless of the general welfare. A lot of sweeping needs to be done. Before these parasites take over our coffers.


Police Brutality:A Monster in Uniform

A naked man lying on the floor grimacing in pain each time his torturer pulls the string attached to his genitals. This was the scenery shown on TV last Tuesday. The incident happend at the Police Station in Asuncion St, Tondo District and the Torturer was no less than the PNP’s multi awarded Precinct Commander Senior Inspector Joselito Binayug. The victim, an alleged hold upper is said to have died. Although it was not confirmed whether he died of the torture or some other cause. 

The incident gained universal condemnation among Filipinos and various sectors. The cruelty shown was very inhumane and barbaric. Some even called it devilish. But what’s most frustrating is the fact that the very perpetrator is the police itself, from the ones tasked to protect the citizenry. This puts at stake worsening public image of the police force, but for as long as there are incidents like these, for as long as police brutality is not suppressed, there will always be public condemnation.

It is just right that the law shall extend to the fullest, to penalize Inspector Binayug, along with his men who just watched while he committed the crime of torture at the police station. The other policemen, should suffer equal punishment, for just watching and never had done anything to stop their superior. It is a violation of their mandate, to tolerate a crime happening before their very eyes and not doing anything to prevent or stop it.

Senior Inspector Joselito Binayug

According to DOJ Secretary Leila Delima, this incident is the best case, to test the recently passed Anti Torture Act of 2009, and see if it can be an effective tool for greater accountability and diminished impunity among our Law Enforcement Agents.

Before they fully developed this culture of torturing their victims in order to get a plea, it is urgent that the government should impose zero tolerance against this growing practice. This in itself, is a high form of heinous crime and therefore, Binayug and his men should not be excused. They so deserve reclusion perpetua and subsequent discharge from office. A strong message has to be sent to our militia men, to stop torture as a tool in what they claim to be their easy way to solve crimes.

Torture is not exclusive to any agency or group, and there is a swift and tough punishment for anyone engaged in it. That, everyone should understand.


Hell No to Pagcor Privatization

Selling Pagcor is definitely the biggest mistake this Administration could possibly commit. Why sell the hen that lays the golden eggs? Pagcor, according to its website is the second biggest revenue contributor. For 2009 alone, it recorded a total annual income of PHP29.78 Billion, which is almost 1% higher than its 2008’s PHP 29.61 Billion, inspite of the financial crisis accross the globe, during that period. The yearly increase in its revenue signals that Pagcor is a valuable asset that Philippines should keep. Selling it will device the future of the country, economically. What is the use of having PHP450B now, and lost PHP30B or more of annual income forever. Its like giving yourself a 15 year life term before you die.

After President Aquino announced in his first State of the Nation Address, his strategy of public-private partnerships and selling or leasing government assets to raise money for the government grappling with a deficit likely to hit P350 billion this year, many rich getting richer business personas in the country have started rolling their eyes on which one  from among the country’s potential businesses will they venture into.

President Benigno S.C. Aquino, III

Last month, Mr. Aquino announced that he was open to privatizing Pagcor after assessing its assets and existing contracts. Yesterday, Petron Chairman and San Miguel Corporation vice chair Ramon S. Ang, who said he’s acting on his own, proposed the privatization of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and promised to transform the country into a tiger economy + raise as much as $10 billion for the Philippines. Ang said, he himself plans to make a bid to acquire Pagcor, along with his Malaysian friends.

Im afraid, what the future of this country will become if we allow private business groups to handle our 33-year-old state-run gaming corporation? At present, Pagcor has 13 casinos in 10 major cities in the country with 28 satellite casinos, 24 VIP Clubs and four Pagcor Arcades.

While there are still occassional concerns from some sectors on the issue of gambling as immoral and causing people’s lives miserable as it erodes the moral fiber of our society, the privatization will surely pave the way towards a more diversed and systematic way of placing bets which could deal a whole cost of fortunes for the bettor.

Business Tycoon Ramon S. Ang

I believe more than the financial benefits that we can get from the sale of Pagcor, this government has to stand firm in its commitment to uphold its moral obligation to provide responsible gaming among Filipinos in as much as gaming is concerned. This can only be obtained by a state-run Pagcor and nothing else.

What pagcor needs to do now, is to resystemize its operation and eradicate all sorts of vulnerability to abuse and corruption, and now is the perfect time to do it. It should carefully streamline the outflows of funds. I dont think, the granting of financial and fuel subsidies amounting to millions of pesos to Manila police and barangay officials are necessary for pagcor. Also, paying for the water and electric bills of some barangay halls and health centers in Manila and other places hosting its gaming facilities. Too, the streetlights along the controversial Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority should shoulder. Last month, there was an attempt by a former Pagcor employee to cash a check worth over P21 million reportedly meant to pay for the hamburgers of policemen deployed in mass actions in Metro Manila.Last week, reports said, nearly 49 metric tons of rice donated to Pagcor were used for the candidacies of the sons of its former chair, Efraim Genuino who in turn denied the allegations saying it was donated to him personally by a Japanese friend who happens to be an investor in the proposed Pagcor Entertainment City. Pagcor paid for the duties and shipping costs of these rice. These are the things that pagcor should look into. It should introduce new reforms in order to save money, thus increase revenue.

In closing, selling Pagcor is no less than tantamount to placing the country’s economic future before vultures. And these vultures are just agents of Malaysian Tigers, waiting to attack.

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