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Too much politics in the Senate


I can say majority, if not all of our duly elected members of the 14th Congress in the Upper House, are the best choices that we can have, for the Senate. They’re brilliant, talented, experienced, and in one way or the other, experts in their own field of endeavour.

With due respect, to the Filipino people, who voted and installed them into power, I am less blameful to you. We have chosen people, whom have won our trusts and confidence to hold the office, and in return, we expect them, to deliver the promise that all of them never run out of, during the campaigns.

The 14th Congress in a joint session

Setting aside the real service, the good performances and the really helpful measures that the Senators have done, there is one thing that I cannot understand, that is so prevalent in the four walls of the Senate Session Hall. That is, politicking a lot. These Senators, I would say, are smart enough to simply understand, what is right from wrong and how the two differs in meaning and outcome. The one weakness that is so strong among our Senators today, is lacking the strength to exercise their simple conscience and act for the common good without considering the big fish that’s behind the scam. In the 14th Congress, the Senate was kinda disappointment to me. To name afew issues, there was this never ending resultless Senate Investigations which in the guise of the what they called “in aid of legislation”, has given them the oppurtunity to pursue their egoistic attitude by making their grandest political remarks and grandstanding in what ever way they deemed satisfying to themselves, given that they enjoy their senate immunity. There was this, Bribery Scandal Investigation, National Broadband Scam Investigation, not to miss the Hayden Kho Sex Scandal Investigation and most importantly of all, is the Manny Villar C5 Road investigation, which up to now, they fail to tell the people, what the real score is, or on the other hand I presume its because they protect their wealthiest member, and their own personal interest, in exchange for what, I dont know, except the fact that everything involved in it, its the Filipino people who is at stake. These all, because of too much politicking, politcking that have become an attitude, and mindlessness, which can result in bigtime loss for the ordinary Juan. This in itself is injustice.

Resigned Comelec chair Benjamin Abalos and former NEDA chief Romulo Neri testify before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the scrapped multibillion-peso NBN project in September 2007.

Also, there is this Sen. Ping Lacson, who after figuring out, there is a warrant of Arrest issued against him for a non bailable crime of murder in a Dacir-corvito case, disappeared like a bubble, tantamount to transfoming himself into an invisible man of the Senate of the Republic, which until now, whose fate remains a mystery to the Filipino People.

Sen. Ping Lacson, January 5, 2010, 2 days before finally charged in court

In the 14th Congress on the part of the Senate, its own Majority Floor Leader, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri’s position as Senator is also being questioned after a recount proceeding, came out that the losing bet Koko Pimentel might turn out to be the duly elected Senator, their fate remain a thing to be seen.

Sen. Gregorio Honasan

Very recently, like yesterday, this one I call, a very lousy show of politicking, supported by baseless proofs and mere harrasments, when Senator Gregorio Honasan, whose position is against allowing Senator Antonio Trillanes to attend the first session of the 15th Congress this coming Monday, after the latter filed for a petition to bail in court, so he be allowed to attend, accused the President of introducing partisan politics by influensing the court, when in fact, there was no call to influence on the part of the President, but instead a request to review the rebellion case of Senator Trillanes. I dont see the point of Senator Honasan, saying that allowing Senator Trillanes, will mean insult to the Senate and to Senator Trillaness himself, although he said he is in favor of giving Trillanes an amnesty. The consistency of the principle expressed is so weak that it makes me think, this is purely plain politics that’s playing in the mind of Senator Honasan. Or, the main reason, that I can think of, is the big thing that might happen, when Trillanes is allowed to attend the first session, that is to be able to vote for the Senate Presidency, whose vote might be conclusive to the post, comes Monday. Trillanes will most likely vote for the LP’s bet Senator Pangilinan, while Honasan is with the  Angara bloc. This makes clear to me the vital importance of Senator Trillanes’ presence in the session, in the eyes of Senator Honasan.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes

We must not forget that Senator Trillanes, is a duly elected Senator of the Republic, and aside from getting a monthly salary, paid by people’s money, is also mandated to perform his duties and functions as such, and attending a session, so far as the court allows, is a matter of performing a function. I dont see a reason why Senator Miriam Santiago calls it immoral and illegal.

With the opening of the 15th Congress next week, we will see things unfold before our own eyes, in the next 3 years. It will mark a new beginning, but I hope it will never forget the past and the unfinished businesses. Will they behave better? Or worse? Will the new set of Senate members uphold and protect the dignity of the Chamber? Or it will cause its downfall. It is for us to observe and see and say. This is the beauty of democracy, the democracy that you, and I  should preserve and guard. Good luck Philippines!


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