SONA: Shallow and Dry yet, Straight to the point like hitting Bullets

President Benigno S. C. Aquino

Admittedly I say, my expectations were more than what I actually heard yesterday, when President Benigno S.C. Aquino, gave his 1st State of the Nation Address before the members of the 15th Congress of the Philippines. On the other hand, let me remind myself and everyone who gets to read this, that no one, including the president himself,  who has only been in office for less than 4 weeks, will be able to incorporate everything that one, would want to do while in office, in a single speech of 40 minutes.

P-Noy delivering his first SONA

I believe, more than most concerns, P-Noy should have given more teeth,  on what this nation needs the most at this point in time, which is cleansing and rehabilitation, from the remnants of the past administration. The Filipino people should be freed from their sufferings brought about by the result of the previous administration’s failure to provide genuine service to the people. More than anything else, we rely on the leadership of President Noynoy Aquino, to bring about the change that this country desperately needs today, and his strong and straight forward assurance is mostly required.  For only, when we see people who have done wrong, get imprisoned, for what they have done during their incumbency, then we can say, we have justice, and so we can move on.

P-Noy with Mom Cory

Also, the President’s remarks on the supposed public-private partnership and the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) schemes that he said he wants to implement seems questionable. Its an old trick that all started during the time of President Fidel Ramos. Its a very sensitive issue because this is often subjected to the threat of having abusive and profit oriented investors running the partnership worse, it goes to the hands of the wrong people,whose sole objective is to enrich themselves at the expense of the general public.

Also, he missed to mention the plight of our Overseas Filipino Workers, and his less emphasis on Health and Education.

It also is a worry, for the President to say, many investors, both local and International have approached him and are willing to do business in the Philippnes. As a president, you should not deal regarding business investments. This is often misinterpreted and will surely subject you to criticism. The fear of “Lagay”, becomes an open threat.

P-Noy's Dad, Ninoy

Nevertheless, I salute him for covering the most major issues, concerning his government, like the prosecution of the extralegal killings, the creation of the Truth Commission, Peace process in Mindanao, job creation through industrialization, DTI to shorten requirements for registering businesses. For uncovering the nation’s real situation from the hands of the previous Adminidtration (Budget Deficit, MWSS greediness, 480M Infra, NAPOCOR, MRT, NFA, etc.), and the steps he is taking to solve them. And also, his legislative agenda like, the Fiscal Responsibilty Law, Procurement Law, Anti Trust Law, National Land Use Law, National Defense Act, and the WhistleBlower’s Act, among others.

In general, I found P-Noy’s SONA to be shallow, and kinda dry. Not very inspiring and less visionary, but boy, he spoke so much like his Dad. Very clear, fast and straight to the point, like hitting bullets. Anyway, I will still bet a kidney for Noy. Good luck P-Noy. I still trust you.


2 Responses to “SONA: Shallow and Dry yet, Straight to the point like hitting Bullets”

  1. July 27, 2010 at 4:15 am

    i like your observation! keep it up!

  2. July 27, 2010 at 7:55 am

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to put oversell the positivism in PNOY’s dry SONA or what. Uncovering the “real” inherent situation does not mean he’s offering solutions. He did offer solutions, but the sinkholes in his speech are obvious: no vision, public-private partnership cliff, no clear cut Agriculture measures except for post production, no mention if the tax evaders he’s going after are the big fishes, nothing on the electricity hikes, ad nauseum.

    With your rhetoric, I’m sure you’ll keep the Yellows happy. The others, not so much. Hope I’m wrong about him.

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