Remembering Cory

President Corazon C. Aquino

18 years after stepping down as the 11th President of the Philippines, Cory Aquino is mostly remembered by the millions of first time voters as the President of the Philippines, Icon of Democracy and symbol of EDSA Revolution. But there is more than that to remember. Cory Aquino’s true essence, is indeed the person that she was. Cory is defined by her good heart. Accustomed to a life of wealth, privelege and power, Cory chose to live simple and unassuming. A trait most of those born under similar circumstances would not take. She is truly legendary. Very rare, and many believed to be handpicked by God, to lead and serve her country.
Patriotic and principled, a soft spoken, self declared housewife, rose to power as the country’s first woman president, following victory in a snap election in 1986, which toppled the dictatorship of then President Marcos. However, she ascended to the presidency perse, by virtue of the direct action by the people through EDSA Revolution, and thereby restored democracy. She eventually survived 7 coup attempts.
If she opted, since she was installed by people power revolution, she could have run for a second term in 1992. Because by technical reasons, she was not bound by the prohibition for reelection contained in the 1987 Constitution. While her running would not have violated the rule of law, she knew that it will be against the principle of democracy that she fought for, and the spirit of the essence of the document she had asked the people to ratify.

The casket bearing the remains of President cory is guarded by men of the AFP

Indeed, President Cory will be remembered best among presidents, not because of her economic wizardry, or legal mastery, or political brilliance, but because of the “beautiful person” that she was. She set an example to every Filipino, by the way she lived and survived every challenged. From giving up her wealth for Ninoy’s campaigns, to being a prisoner’s wife with 5 growing kids in their formative years, to getting exiled in Boston, to becoming the president and until the time she got sick, remained active to the cause of defending democracy and all threats against it. I see no time, when she gave herself a break and dedicated something for her own personal joy. If painting is what it was, then it took place after she was through with her public life. after she had given her best to serve the Filipino people.

Filipinos crowd a street to pay their last respects to the late Philippines President Corazon Aquino during her funeral march in Aug. 5, 2009

Following her death, the people suddenly realized the loss of an important icon and inspiration to the nation. A mother to every Filipino, Cory was honored by a grieving nation. Despite the absence of a state funeral, the Filipino people bestowed on her a salutation she was worthy of. Once more the power of yellow was all over. Her 5 children were joined by millions in prayers and mourning. On the other hand, her demise brought the spirit to life. The grieving nation turned itself into a nation ready to face the future. A nation inspired by a beloved icon of democracy. Soon later, the call for her son to run for presidency became inevitible.

Today, we have Cory’s only son Noy-noy as our President. A son of a family, who have sacrificed so much for this country, for the sake of the Filipino people. He is our hope, the hope that shines in everyone of us. The time has come for everyone to unite and give their best to rebuild this nation.

One of the last few pictures of Pres. Cory

Cory’s life and death is like a seed, dropped in the ground. It must now be planted and nurtured along with what she has stood for, and left behind.

Salamat Cory.


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